Happy Holidays


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New Distributors add Chronicles of Aurderia

Barnes and Noble along with Books-A-Million, have both added Chronicles of Aurderia to their shelves on-line. Next stop, in-store availability!

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The fans base for Chronicles of Aurderia and the world of Ersetu has surpassed the 1500 mark Whoot-Whoot!

Welcome all fans new and existing alike. Stay turned for news on upcoming projects for the Essence of Ersetu and feel free to subscribe to the blog site news letters via e-mail by entering your e-mail address in the subscription window on the right column.

A new year is fast approaching and a new outline is underway for the next book to take place in the world of Ersetu. Will it be the prequel or the continuance to “The Chronicles of Aurderia”. Subscribe to stay up to date!

And don’t for...

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The next Essence of Ersetu Novel

I have been debating what story should be next in the line of Novels from the world of Ersetu. There are at least two more novels planned as stand alone novels; one a prequel to “The Chronicles of Aurderia” the other a story to pick up some time after the trilogy. Decisions… What are your thoughts?

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Getting some movement

The revised edition of “The Balance” is getting some movement after putting it back in the Kindle Select program. Though I would like to keep my books available across a broader range of outlets, I have to concentrate on where the market is and that is definitely not Google Play or Nook at this time. Perhaps at a later date I will return book one to those outlets, but for now I will be removing my books from those other retailers.

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#NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month is in full swing and I am chugging along with a draft of my next novel #Magic and it is so much fun. Of course there will be much re-writing and editing since I do not plan on even engaging test readers until after January. Until then I am also focusing on marketing for the #ChroniclesofAurderia and #TheBalance.

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Get a free copy of “The Balance” in exchange for a review.

If you like fantasy novels and wish to read the first in the Chronicles of Aurderia series… Send your kindle device/app e-mail address or amazon.com associated address for a gift copy of “The Balance” book 1. All I ask is for a fair and honest review of the book in exchange.


send replies to: me@jstevenyoung.com

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The Chronicles of Aurderia Trilogy on Kindle

With the release of my third novel in the series of Chronicles of Aurderia, I have created a digital kindle version of the trilogy in a complete collection: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GBFUZIA


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Revised edition of The Balance

#ChroniclesofAurderia: The Balance, has been updated / reformatted for flow and chapters split to be smaller and more numerous. These items were done after working with an agent over this past weekend. The story has not changed, but there will be the ability to update kindle versions once it is final in 12 hours or so. The cover was updated to identify it as revised.


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Literary Agent Tips – Part 1

Quick Notes from the literary agent tips and review class I’ve attended.

1) No Prologues or Introductions

  • Readers tend to skip
  • They may contain too much background that could be dispersed throughout the book
  • They keep a reader from getting hooked immediately

2) Fiction over 100K word count is frowned upon

  • Especially for new/unknown authors readers tend not to purchase therefore publishers do not want them and agents will not read them

3) Chapter word count

  • Fantasy should be ~1500-2500 words per chapter unless high-fantasy which could be upwards of 5000 but is subjective.

More notes to co...

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